★ Concrete Corbels


A corbel is a short can deliver projection which supports load bearing members.

Corbels or brackets is a reinforced concrete member is a short-haunched cantilever used to support the reinforced concrete beam element.

Corbel is structural element to support the precast structural system such as precast beam and prestressed beam.

In Architecture a corbel is structural piece of stone, wood, or metal jutting  from the wall to carry a superincumbent weight.

The word corbel comes from old French and derives from the Latin corbellus.

‡ Behaviour of Corbel

The shear span/depth ratio is less than 1.
( it makes the corbel behave in two dimensional Manner )

Shear deformation is significant is the corbel.

There is large horizontal force transmitted from the supported beam result from the long-term shrinkage and creep deformation.

Bearing failure due to large concentrated load.

The cracks are usually vertical or inclined pure share cracks.

† Modes of failure of corbel are :-

  1. Yielding of the tension tie.
  2. Failure of the end anchorage of the tension tie.
  3. Failure of concrete by compression or shearing bearing failure.

Note :-

  1. The distance between the line of the reaction to the support load from the root of the corbel is less than “d”
    ( d is effective depth of the root of corbel )
  1. The depth and the outer edge of the contact area of the supported load is not less than one half of the depth at the root of the corbel.

How to find corbel effective depth ? Will see in next article.
And also learn design of corbel..

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