★ Types Of Beams

Classification of beams based on supports

Based on geometry

Based on shape of cross section

Based on equilibrium conditions

Based on materials

 Based on supports.
  1. Simply supported beam
A beam supported on the ends which are free to rotate and have no moment of resistance
B)   Fixed beams.
Beam supported on both ends and restrained from rotation
C).  Overhanging beam
Simple beam extending beyond its support on one end
D).  Double  overhanging beam
Simple beam with Both end extending beyond it support on both ends
E).  Continuous beam
Beam extending over more than two supports
F).   Cantilever beam
Projection beam fixed only at one end
G).   Trussed beam
A beam strength and by adding a cable or rod to form a truss

† Based on geometry

  1. Straight beam
  2. Curved beam
  3. Tapered beam

† Based on cross-section

  1. I-section beam
  2. T-section beam
  3. C-section beam

† Based on materials

  1. Timber beams
  2. Steel beams
  3. Concrete beams

† Based on equilibrium conditions

  1. Statically determinate beams
( if the reaction forces can be calculated using equilibrium  conditions alone, they are statically determinate beams)
  1. Statically indeterminate beams
( if the reaction force can’t be determined using equilibrium conditions only, other methods have to be used to calculate, they are known as indeterminate beams)

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