Difference Between Bridges And Flyovers

Difference Between Bridges And Flyovers
Difference Between Flyovers And Bridges

Let us discuss about “Difference Between Bridges And Flyovers”

To Know About “Difference Between Bridges And Flyovers” Follow Below Points


ØA flyover is also known as an overpass that is built over an existing road or a railway in such a manner that it crosses another road or railway.
ØFlyover is constructed for the purpose of making traffic less.
ØFlyovers are built over man-made structures such as roads, intersection etc. to prevent congestion, and provide a more convenient way to navigate over the traffic.
ØIt is built to provide a safe and convenient passage for the pedestrians.



ØBridges are built to connect two points separated by a naturally occurring region like valley, river, sea or any other water bodies, etc.
ØThey are usually lengthy depending upon the width of the valley or river.
ØConstruction over a  river is tedious since the foundation has to be carried out on the river bed.

ØBridges are usually built for trains, buses, and cars.

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