What is SIFCON ?

What is SIFCON?
Meaning of SIFCON
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ØSIFCON means slurry infiltrated fiber concrete.
ØSIFCON is a special type of fiber reinforced composite containing steel fiber from 5% to 20% (by volume).
ØIn this formwork molds are filled to capacity with randomly-oriented steel fiber, usually in loose condition and resulting fiber network is infiltrated by a cement-based slurry.
ØThe amount fibers required for composite is depends on aspect ratio, fiber geometry and placement technique.
ØIf the fiber are aligned along the diameter of cylinder, a much higher strength can be expected to the cylinder in which fibers are aligned along the axis of the cylinder.
Bridge deck rehabilitation.
Pavement rehabilitation.
Repairing of structural components such as damaged pre-stressed concrete beams.


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