Construction of Water Bond Macadam Road

Construction of Water Bond Macadam Road 
Construction of WBM Road 

Step by step procedure:-

Ø Preparation of foundation
ØProvision of lateral confinement
ØSpreading of course aggregates
ØRolling (compaction)
ØApplication of screenings
ØSprinkling of water
ØBinding material
ØSetting and drying

ØOpening to traffic

Let’s us see all Procedure

Preparation of foundation

¢The subgrade or base course is prepared to the required grade and camber.

¢The depressions and pot-holes on the existing road surface are filled up.

Provision of lateral confinement

¢For providing lateral confinement of aggregates, the shoulders having a thickness equal to the compacted WBM layer should be constructed in advance.

Spreading of course aggregates

¢The aggregate which are stored along the road are then spread uniformly and evenly upon the prepared base in required quantities.

Rolling (compaction)

¢After spreading the aggregate, the rolling is carried out to compaction.

¢It may be done with the help of three wheeled power roller of 6 to 10 tones capacity roller.

Application of screenings

¢After the compaction of course aggregate the screenings are applied to fill up the gaps.

¢The screening are applied in three or more layers

¢Each layer is compacted by dry rolling.
¢The screening must be spread uniformly.

Sprinkling of water

¢After the application of screening, the road surface is sprinkled with water.

¢It is then rolled.

¢The additional screening are applied and rolled till the course aggregate are well bond and firmly set.

Binding material

¢The binding material is then applied at a uniform and slow rate in two or more layers.

Setting and drying &
Opening to traffic

¢The road surface is then allowed to cure or set over-night after final rolling.

¢If the depressions are found on next day, they are filled with screening or binding materials, if necessary water is sprinkled and surface is rolled.

¢After drying the road is opened to traffic.
¢The traffic should be well distributed over the full width of the road by placing obstacles longitudinally in the form of drums, trees etc. on road surface.

vAdvantages :-

§Cost of construction is low.
§No skilled labours is required.
§Made from locally available material.
§If maintained in good condition, it can take traffic load of about 900 tones per lane per day.
vDisadvantages :-
§Maintenance cost is high.
§Less life.
§They are permeable to rain water.
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By:- Er. Ketan Pattekar

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