Water Supply Engineering

What is the water supply Engineering?
The branch of environmental engineering which deals with study and construction of structure related with a collection, convince treatment and distribution of potable water prepared according to IS10500 quality standard to ensure public health is called Water Supply Engineering.
By IS 1172:1993—All Design Consideration

An objective of water supply Engineering:-
1)   To prevent the spread of water-borne diseases:-
        There is 82% Disease caused due to Water.
        In the water disease, India is on 3rd rank.
2)  To Provide potable water:-
Water supply must be potable. It fit for human consumption, not going to cause any damage to the human body.
3)  To provide Sufficient Quantity:-
There is a sufficient quantity of water for the human.
There is 135Lpcd – 200Lpcd.
4)  Economical:-
The water supply must be economical.
Water supply should be an affordable cost.

Design Step in Water Supply Engineering:-
 Following are design step for water supply project:-
Durability or lifetime of structure in future which is considered as the number of years of utilization of structure in future without failure called a DESIGN PERIOD
Optimum design period is 30 years
Heavy structures (Dam) is 50 years

2)  Population Forecasting:-
The population forecasting is based on Census  

3)  The design capacity of the water supply project:-
The daily requirement of water for public demand.
Like, Drinkable water, Water for fire, water for industrial use.  

4)  Identification of source:-
Source has to provide the entire design capacity to that required design period.
5)  Conveyance of water:-
The main intake structure or main pumping station, directs water from the source of supply, such as a reservoir or a river, into the Water supply system. The conveyance of water assures the transport of water from the main intake structure or main pumping station up to the field ditches.
6)  Quality of water:-
The presence of contaminants and the characteristics of water are used to indicate the quality of water.
There are three quality indicators
a)   Physical: In physical quality temperature, turbidity and clarity, color, salinity, suspended solids, dissolved solids.
The physical impurities are also easily removed.
b)  Chemical Quality: In Chemical Quality Acidic, Alkaline, metals, gases, etc.
The chemical impurities are soluble they are not easy to remove.
c)   Biological quality: In Biological bacteria, algae.
Biological impurities are easily removed by chlorination.

7)  Treatment of Water:-
Treatment of water done on the basis of quality analysis method report.
There are two methods:-
a)   Physical method: In this method, physical forces are used i.e. gravitational force, drag.
b)  Chemical Method: To remove microorganism by adding chemicals.

8)  Distribution Network:-
The distribution network based on Hardy cross method and equivalent pipe method.

Download PDF Of Water Supply Engineering Here

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