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  1. What Dome Slab
  2. When We Use Dome Slab
  3. Where We Use Dome Slab

Dome Is An Architectural Element Similar To The Hollow Upper Half Of A Sphere

These Kind Of Slab Is Generally Constructed In Temples, Mosques, Palaces Etc.

Dome Slab Is Built On Conventional Slab.

Thickness Of Dome Slab Is 0.15 Meter.

Above Image Is Help You To Understand The Concept Of Dome Slab.

Domes Are In Semi Circle And Shuttering Is Done On Conventional Slab In Dome Shape And Concrete Is Filled In Shuttering Forming Dome Shapes.

This Is A One Of The Type Of Concrete Slabs.

So We Can Also Define It As Conventional Slabs Are Design In The Sphere Section To Give Better Aesthetic View.

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Have Any Doubts Then Watch Video Tutorial On Dome Slab Here

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