What Is Waffle Slab And Installation (2024)

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  • Advantages Of Waffle Slab.
  • Disadvantages Of Waffle Slab.

What Is Waffle Slab & Installation Waffle Slab

Waffle Slab Is A Reinforced Concrete Roof Or Floor Containing Square Grids With Deep Sides.

This Kind Of Slab Is Majorly Used At Entrance Of Hotel, Malls, Restaurants For Good Pictorial View To Install Artificial Lighting.

This Type Of Slab Where We Find Hollow Hole In The Slab When The Formwork Is Removed.

Firstly PVC Trays (PODS) Are Placed On Shuttering Then Reinforcement Is Provided Between The POD And Steel Mesh Is Provided At Top Of The POD And Then Concrete Is Filled.

After Concrete Sets The Formwork Is Removed And PVC POD Are Not Removed. This Forms Hollow Hole In It. In Which Hole Is Closed At One End.

The Concrete Waffle Slab Is Often For Industrial And Commercial Buildings While Wood And Metal Waffle Slab Are Used In Many Other Construction Sites.

Where To Use Waffle Slab :-

It Is Usually Used Where Large Spans Are Required (E. G Auditorium, Cinema Halls) To Avoid Many Columns Interfering The Space.

Hence Thick Slab Spanning Between Wide Beam Are Required.

The Main Purpose Of Employing This Technology Is For Its Strong Foundation Characteristics Of Crack And Sagging Resistance.

Waffle Slab Also Holds A Grater Amount Of Load Compared With Conventional Concrete Slab.

Types Of Waffle Slab :-

Based On The Shape Of PODS (PVC TRAYS) They Classified Into Different Types :-


Advantages Of Waffle Slab :-

Waffle Slabs Are Able To Carry Heavier Loads And Span Longer Distances Than Slat Slabs As These Are Light In Weight.

Waffle Slab Can Be Used As Both Ceiling And Floor Slab.

Suitable For Spans Of 7 meter To 16 meter.

Longer Spans May Be Possible With Post-tensioning.

These System Are Light In Weight And Hence Considerable Saving Is Ensured In The Framework As Light Framework Is Required.

Disadvantages Of Waffle Slab :-

Waffle Slabs Is Not Used In Typical Construction Projects.

The Casting Forms Or Molds Required For Pre-Cast Units Are Very Costly And Hence Only Economical When Large Scale Production Of Similar Units Are Desired.

Construction Require Strict Supervision And Skilled Labours.

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