Stresses in Rigid Pavement Frictional, Temperature

This Article Covers Various Stresses In Rigid Pavement Like Temperature Stresses And Combined Etc.

Stresses in Rigid Pavement

Curvature and Stresses Caused by BendingRelative Stiffness of Slabs. Modulus of Subgrade Reaction. Stresses due to Warping.

Traffic loading will induce the compressive or tensile stresses in the pavement and temperature variation results in to kinds of stresses. One known as warping stress and another is frictional stress.

That makes total of three kinds of stresses that will induced in the pavement slab. Now, we have to find out the critical combination of these three.

As the name implies, rigid pavements are rigid i.e, they do not flex much under loading like flexible pavements.

They constructed using cement concrete. In this case, the load carrying capacity is mainly due to the rigidity ad high modulus of elasticity of the slab (slab action).

Modulus of Sub-Grade Reaction

Westergaard considered the rigid pavement slab as a thin elastic plate resting on soil sub-grade, which assumed as a dense liquid. The upward reaction assumed to be proportional to the deflection.

Relative Stiffness of Slab to Sub-Grade

A certain degree of resistance to slab deflection offered by the sub-grade. The sub-grade deformation is same as the slab deflection.

Hence the slab deflection is direct measurement of the magnitude of the sub-grade pressure.

Critical Load Positions

There are three typical locations namely the interior, edge and corner, where differing conditions of slab continuity exist. These locations are termed as critical load positions.

Temperature Stresses

Temperature stresses developed in cement concrete pavement due to variation in slab temperature. This caused by

  • Daily variation resulting in a temperature gradient across the thickness of the slab and
  • Seasonal variation resulting in overall change in the slab temperature.

Combination Of Stresses

The cumulative effect of the different stress give rise to the following thee critical cases

  • Summer, mid-day: The critical stress is for edge region
  • Winter, mid-day: The critical combination of stress for the edge region given
  • Mid-nights: The critical combination of stress for the corner region given

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