Concreting under special conditions part-1

★Concreting under special conditions

  1. Work in extreme weather conditions
  2. Underwater concreting
  3. Concreting on aggressive soil
Let’s see every topic
  1. Concrete work in extreme weather (Hot and Cold climates) :-

Concreting operation done at atmospheric temperature above 40 degree Celsius.

IS 7861 (part 1)- 1975 use the recommended particles which improve concrete characteristics in fresh as well as hardened state.

† Special care should be taken.

  1. Temperature control of concrete ingredients

Aggregates must store under Shades or cooled by water.
Water is used in the form of Ice or in near freezing the temperature.
Cement temperature is restricted at 77 degree Celsius.
   B) Mix design
Used low cement content and cement with low heat of hydration

Used approved admixtures for reducing the water demand

  C)  Placement and curing

Placing concrete formwork reinforcements and subgrade should be kept cool by spraying with cold water first.
( if possible concreting may be restricted to evening and night period)

Placement and finishing should be speedly.

After compaction and finishing process concrete should be protected from evaporation of moisture.

  D) production and delivery of concrete

Temperature of concrete at the time of placement should be below 40 degree Celsius.

The mixing time should be held at minimum.

Period between mixing and delivery should be kept to a minimum.

In the next article we will see about underwater concreting.
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