What Is Meant By Quarrying Of Stones? And Methods Of Quarrying.

What Is Quarrying Of Stone?

Quarrying Of Stone Done At Ground Surface

The Process Of Removing Stones From Natural Rock Beds Called As Quarrying Of Stone.

Selection Of Stones For Quarrying Of Stones, Depends On Mode Of Occurrence, Strength, Hardness And Shape Of Desired Product.

Methods Of Quarrying Of Stones.

Method Of Quarrying Of Stone


When The Quarry Consist Small And Soft Pieces Of Stone, Then Digging Method Preferably Used To Remove The Stone.


When The Natural Rock Bed Is Horizontal And Small In Thickness Then Rocks Spitted Up Into Small Pieces By The Process Of Heating.


When Hard Rock Consists Of Natural Fissures, Cracks Then Wedging Method Used To Remove The Stones From Hard Rocks.

When Natural Fissures Absent, Then Artificial Fissures Made By Drilling Holes.

Stratified Rocks Like, Marble, Sandstone, Laterite Treated By The Method Of Wedging.

Wedging Of Stone


When The Rock Are Much Hard, Compact And Fissure less, Then It Is Very Difficult To Remove The Stones By The Method Of Heating And Wedging.

That Times, The Method Of Blasting With The Help Of Explosives Preferably Employed.

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