In This Short Article We Covers List Of Test Performed On Stones And Their Purpose.

Acid Test:-

Acid Test On Stone

These Test Useful To Confirm Power Of Stones To Withstand Atmospheric Actions, Gases And Acid Flumes.

To Check Weathering Resistance Of Stones Acid Test Performed.

Acid Test Not Performed On Limestone And Usually Performed On Sand Stone.

Crushing Stone Test:-

This Is Most Important Test And Should Performed Before Stone Are Uses For Construction Purpose.

To Determine Compressive Strength Of Stones Crushing Stones Test Performed.

Crystallization Test:-

To Determine Durability Of Stones This Test Performed.

To Determine Weathering Quality Of Stone This Test Used.

Hardness Test:-

Test Performed To Determine The Hardness Of Stone.

Dory’s Testing Machine Or Mohr’s Scale Uses For Test.

Diameter 25 mm And Height 25 mm Cylinder Used. (Load 1250 gm And Speed 28 rpm)

After 1000 Revolution It Weighted Down.

Coefficient Of Hardness = 20- Loss In Weight/3

Water Absorption Test:-

To Determine Electrical Resistance Test Performed.

Absorption Of Water = (W2-W1/W1) x 100.

Water Absorption Not More Than 6 %

Smith’s Test:-

Useful For Finding Out The Presence Of Soluble Matter In A Sample Of Stone.

Smith’s Test Also Help To Find Durability Of Stone.

Microscopic Test:-

Basically This Test Is Geologist Test.

Impact Test:-

To Determine Toughness Of Stone Impact Test Performed.

Uses Diameter 25 mm And Height 25 mm Cylinder.

The Blow At Which Specimen Break Represented As Toughness Index Of Stone.

(Steel Hammer Weight 20 N And Height Of First Blow 1cm Second Blow 2cm And So On.)

Abrasion Test:-

To Determine Rate Of Wear Of Stones Abrasion Test Uses.

Means Uses To Test Resistance To Abrasion Of Stone.

They Uses Devil Attrition Test Machine.

Percentage Wear= Loss In Weight/Initial Weight.

The Loss Must Not Be Exceed 2 % For Good Stone.

Freezing And Thawing Test:-

Specimen Of Stone Immersed In Water For 24 hrs. Then Placed In Freezing Mixture At -12 °C Then It Thawed Or Warmed At Atmospheric Temperature.

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