2+Methods For Disposal Of Waste (2024)

This Article Covers Two Methods For Disposal Of Waste Material.

Disposal Of Waste Management Is Key Factor To Reduce Pollution Which Harm To Our Health, Basically Various Methods Used For Disposal Of Waste Material Few Of Them Explained Below,

Methods For Disposal Of Waste

  • Conservancy Method/Dry System
  • Water Carriage System

Conservancy System

  • Different types of wastes collected separately and disposed of
  • Garbage collected separately in dust bins and conveyed by covered carts or lorries to suitable place.
  • The human and animal wastes (feces and urine) collected in pans from lavatories and than carried by labour in carts or lorries for disposal out site the city where buried for manure, the human and animal waste also called night soil.
  • The sullage and storm water collected separately by close and open channels and discharge into natural streams.

Disadvantages Of Conservancy System

This system is obsolete now and can be use in rural area where there is scarcity of water this system has the following disadvantages:

  • Cost: The system has less initial cost but the maintenance cost is high because of working labours.
  • Design of building: The lavatory has to be build away from the residential building which causes inconvenience.
  • Insanitary condition: The night soil carried once in 24 hours while it becomes insanitary in 5-6 hours causing bad smell and fly nuisance.
  • Labour problems: If the labours goes on strike the system totally fails.
  • Land requirement: The night soil trenching ground requires large area for disposal.
  • Foul appearance: It is highly undesirable to allow night soil carts to pass through roads of the city.
  • Open drains: Storm water and sullage flowing in open drains causing unhygienic condition in the area.
  • Pollution of water: The liquid wastes from lavatories may seep into the ground polluting groundwater.
  • Risk of epidemic: The sewage conveyed openly and not properly disposed of causing risk of epidemic.

Water Carriage System

  • In this system water used as a medium to carry wastes to the point of final disposal.
  • The quantity of water is so high (up to 99.9%) that wastes become liquid which carried by the sewers.
  • The garbage collected separately as in conservancy system.
  • The storm water may disposed of separately or combinedly with sanitary sewage.

Advantages Of Water Conservancy System

This system is universally use due to the following advantages.

  • Cost : Though initial cost of the system high but the maintenance cost of the system less.
  • Compact design: The lavatories can accommodated inside the building which causes compact design of the building and also convenience.
  • Hygienic conditions: The sewage carried in cover drains thus the risk of epidemic reduced.
  • Land requirement: Less land required for treatment and disposal thus making the system economical.
  • Treatment: Proper treatment of the sewage is possible to make the sewage suitable for disposal. (The only disadvantage of the system is the wastage of water)

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