Compaction of concrete and curing process of concrete

★Compaction of concrete and curing process of concrete

1) Compaction of concrete

Concrete should be thoroughly compacted and fully work around the reinforcement and into the corners of the formworks

Concrete shall be compacted using mechanical vibrators

Over vibration and under vibration of concrete are harmful and should be avoided

Whenever vibration has been applied externally the design of formwork and the deposition of vibrators should receive special consideration to ensure efficient compaction and to avoid sir face blemishes

2) Curing process of concrete

Curing of concrete is defined as the process of maintaining the moisture and temperature condition of concrete for hydration reaction to the normally so that the concrete develops hardened and properties over time

The main components which need to be taken care of your heat and time during curing process

Curing is the process of preventing the loss of moisture from the concrete which maintaining a satisfactory temperature effect

The prevention of moisture loss from the concrete is particularly important if the water cement ratio is low.

If the cement has high rate of strain development and if the concrete contains granulated blast furnace and flue Ash then,

The curing should also prevent the development of high temperature gradients within the concrete

a) Moist curing

Surface of the concrete shall be kept continuously in Dam or wet condition by covering with the layers of materials like checking Canvas etc.

it should be kept continuously wet for at least 7 days from the date of placing concrete.

In case of ordinary Portland cement at least 10 days. where mineral admixture or blended cement are used.

The period of curing shall not be less than 10 days for concrete exposed to the dry and hot weather condition.

In case of concrete where mineral admixture or blended cement are used it is recommended that above minimum period may be extended 14 days.

b) Membrane curing

Approved curing compounds may be used in place of moist curing with the permission of engineer in charge.

Search compound shall be applied to all exposed surfaces of the concrete as soon as possible after the concrete has set.

Impermeable membrane such as polyethylene sheeting covering closely the concrete surface may also be used to provide effective barriers against evaporation.

For the concrete containing Portland pozzolana cement, Portland slag cement or mineral admixture period of curing may be increased.

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