In This Article We Are Going To Cover What Is Conventional Slab And Types Of Conventional Slab Briefly.

  • What Is Conventional Slab
  • When We Use Conventional Slab
  • Where We Use Conventional Slab
  • Types Of Conventional Slab
  • Two Way Slab Details
  • One Way Slab Details

What Is Conventional Slab :-

Slab Which Is Supported With Beams And Columns Is Called Conventional Slab.

In This Kind Of Slab The Thickness Of Slab Is Small Where As Depth Of Beam Is Large And Load Is Transferred To Beam And From Beams To Columns.

It Requires More Formwork When Compared With The Flat Slab, And There Is No Need Of Providing Column Caps In Conventional Slab.

The Thickness Of Conventional Slab Is 4 or 10 cm. 5 To 6 Inches Is Recommended If The Concrete Will Receive Occasional Heavy Loads. Such As Motor Homes Or Garbage Trucks.

  • Normally It Is Square In Shape And Has A Length Of 4 meter.

Reinforcement Is Approved In Conventional Slab And The Bars Which Are Set In Horizontal Are Called Main Reinforcement Bars And Bars Which Are Set In Vertical Are Called Distribution Bars.

  • These Types Of Slabs Are Used In Constructing Floors Of Multi Storeyed Building.

Types Of Slabs :-

  1. One Way Slab
  2. Two Way Slab



One Way Slab Is A Slab Which Is Supported By Beams On The Two Opposite Sides To Carry The Load Along Direction.

The Ratio Of Longer Span (L) To Shorter Span (B) Is Equal Or Grater Than 2, Considered As One Way Slab Because This Slab Will Bend In One Direction. (i.e In The Direction Along Its Shorter Span)

However Minimum Reinforcement Knows As Distribution Steel It Is Provided Along The Longer Span Above The Main Reinforcement To Distribute The Load Uniformly And To Resist Temperature And Shrinkage Stresses.

In Generally Length Of Slab Is 4 meter. But In One Way Slab One Side Length Is meter And Other Side Length Is More Than 4 meter.

In One Way Slab Main Reinforcement Is Provided In Shorter Span And Distribution Reinforcement Is Provided In Longer Span.

Generally All The Cantilever Slabs Are One Way Slab. Chajjas And Verandhs Are Practical Example Of One Way Slab.

Two Way Slab :-


Two Way Slab Is A Slab Supported By Beams On All The Four Sides And The Loads Are Carried By The Supported Along Both Directions Non As Two Way Slab.

In Two Way Slab The Ratio Of Longer Span (L) To Shorter Span (B) Is Less Than 2.

The Slabs Are Likely To Bend Along The Two Spans In This Load Is Transferred In Both The Directions To The Four Supporting Edges And Hence Distribution Reinforcement Is Provided In Both The Directions.

In This Kind Of Slab The Length And Breadth Of Slab Is More Than 4 meter.

So Distribution Bars Are Provided At Both The Ends In Two Way Slabs To Resist The Formation Of Stresses.

This Types Of Slabs Are Used In Constructing Floors Of Multistoreyed Building.

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