Hollow Core Ribbed Slab Is One The Type Of Concrete Slab, We Will Cover How This Types Slab Are Drives And Where We Use This Kind Of Slab.Process Of Casting Hollow Ribbed Slab also Cover.

What Is Hollow Core Ribbed Slab ?

Hollow Core Ribbed Slab

Hollow Core Ribbed Slabs Derives Their Name From The Voids Or Core Which Run Through The Units.

The Cores Can Function As Service Ducts And Significantly Reduced The Self-Weight OF Slab And Maximizing Structural Efficiency.

Units Are Generally Available In Standards 1200 mm Width And Depths From 110 mm To 400 mm. (Their Is Total Freedom In Length Of Unit)

This Kind Of Slab Is Used Where Construction Has To Be Done Fast.

These Kind Of Slab Are Pre-Cast Slab Which Are Ready Made.

The Hollow Core Ribbed Slab Have Between Four And Six Longitudinal Cores Running Through Them.

The Primary Purpose Of The Cores Being To Decrease The Weight And Material Within The Floor Yet To Maintain Maximal Strength.

Further To Increase The Strength Slabs Are Reinforced With 12 mm Diameter Steel Strand, Running Longitudinally.

This Is One Of The Best Type Of Concrete Slab.

How To Place Hollow Core Ribbed Slab :-

Hollow Core Ribbed Slab

By Using Tower Cranes Hollow Slabs Are Inserted Between The Beams.

The Gaps Between The Slab Is Filled With Screed.

Screed Is Concrete Material Generally We Use 20 mm Aggregates In Concrete Whereas In Screed We Use Baby Chips As Aggregates. (Small Broken Stones)

Hollow Core Ribbed Slab Have Excellent Span Capabilities. Achieving A Capacity Of 2.5 KN/m.sq Over A 16 Meter Span.

The Long-Span Capability Is Ideal For Offices, Retail Or Park Developments.

Units Are Installed With Or Without A Structural Screed Depending Upon Requirements.

Slabs Arrive On-Site With A Smooth Pre-Finished Soffit.

Advantages :-

Using Hollow Core Ribbed Slab Not Only Reduces Building Costs It Also Reduce Overall Weight Of The Structures.

Excellent Fire Resistance And Sound Insulation Is The Another Attributes Of Hollow Core Slab Due To Its Thickness.

It Eliminate The Need To Drill In Slab For Electrical And Plumbing Units.

Easy To Install And Requires Less Labor.

Fast In Construction.

No Additional Formwork Or Any Special Construction Machinery Is Required For Reinforcing The Hollow Block Masonry.

Disadvantages :-

If Not Properly Handled The Hollow Core Ribbed Slab Units May Be Damaged During Transport.

It Becomes Difficult To Produce Satisfactory Connections Between The Precast Members.

It Is Necessary To Arrange For Special Equipment For Lifting And Moving Of The Precast Units.

Not Economical For Small Spans.

Difficult To Repair And Strengthen.

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