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★ What Is Rebaring
★ Need of Rebaring
★  Process of Rebaring
★ Equipment’s used in Rebaring process

What is rebaring ? (Website Home)

Rebaring is the method of insertion of the Steel bars when,
there is change in design or there is some extension of the present structure.

When Steel rod as per drawing has not been installed.

Rebaring technique is reinforced concrete construction is a method for proper fabrication and placement of reinforcement bar as per the design and drawing of RCC work.

2)  Need of Rebaring

The rebar are mainly provided at the junction where the formwork of structural element is closed as well as at the point where a new structural element needs to be bond with the former one.

Change in the design and sudden extension in structure

Steel bars are not placed according to as per design

Various conditions that rebaring process and equipment are changed.

rebaring technique in reinforced concrete construction.

Rebaring technique on a Precasted structure.

3) Process of rebaring in reinforced concrete construction.

The three main operations carried out in rebaring for reinforced concrete construction bars are cutting, bending, tying.

The diameter of reinforcement bars used reinforced concrete works mainly  ranges from 6 to 42 mm these reinforcement bars comes from the Steel mills in specified lengths.

So during installation the reinforcement bars must be cut into required size.

The design engineer show the details about the bar bending and related work based on which the workers proceed the work.

4) Equipment’s used for rebaring techniques.

The equipment’s that is used for Rebaring operation is developed with the time as the size of Bar is increases. large size of bars are difficult to be handled by hand operation.

The uses of chisel and hammer was an early effect is used for bar bending.

The bar is held fixed with the help of 3 thick bars over a bar Bender bench.

Then bending is done by means of manual force operated with the help of levers.

             † Equipment’s used for cutting of reinforcement bars.

A) Electric rebar cutters :-

The electrical cutters that can cut diameters up to 16 mm are employed.
This consumes power to cut the bars.

B) Heavy-duty rebar cutters

The heavy duty cutters have the capability to cut the bars
Up to 42 mm.
At a time this quarters can cut 3 to 6 bars at a time
These cutters make use of oil both lubrication that makes the operation noiseless.

C) Wire rope cutter

The cutting Blades of wire rope cutters is made of steel with a Titanium coating.
They have a high speed cutting.
These cutters are employed to cut the bars up to a diameter of 20 mm.
They cut a single bar with in 8 seconds so fast and so clean cut.

D) Rebar cutting share

Rebar cutting shear is a cutter used to cut the Stirrups at the equal size in huge amount.
These can also be used for cutting the pipe section angle or channel sections.

     † Equipment’s used for bending of reinforcement bars.

Electric automatic rebar benders.
This machine helps to bend the bars are there on site or at workshops.
The machine is noiseless.
It operates only during the banding procedure.
Spiral hoop radial benders.
This machine is used to get radius in the bars that are of higher diameter.
It has rotating rollers of which one is adjustable to hold the bars.

    † Equipment’s used for tying of rebars

Manual rebar tying machine
Manual rebar have a net weight of 680 to 700 grams.
which can be used to tie a combination of rebar size their size is mostly in the range of 300 mm x 25 mm these are cheap and can be used for any working or weather conditions.
Automatic rebar tying machine
There are automatic rebar tying machine that can be help Tying bars up to range of 32 mm.
It requires 16 seconds for each Tie.
This repairing machine can facilitate completion of a large volume of work within a time limit.

(Now let’s see for precast structures procedure and equipment’s)

3) Process of rebaring on precast structures.

There are four operations carried out in rebaring for precasted structures.
Drilling, cleaning, use of chemicals and punching of reinforced bars.

4) Equipment’s used for repairing on precast structures.

Drilling machine for making holes
Cleaner for wash out the dust in holes
Chemicals for making good connection between concrete and steel.

(Re-500 chemical used)

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